Our two husky pups (6 months old), Luca and Luna, recently completed the two-week board and train with Roberta to work on all types of things including basic commands, jumping, walking off-leash, car manners, etc. We looked forward to the daily updates (including photos and videos) of their progress and it helped us miss them a little less while they were away. Luca and Luna have a new confidence and are excited to practice their commands every day. They are totally different pups! Our experience with Roberta and Nebraska Dog Trainers has been wonderful from the beginning. We highly recommend teaming up with them!


Our pup Boomer who is 6 months old didn’t listen to anything nor did we have the time to properly train him. Pulling on walks, Counter-surfing, jumping and chewing were just a few of our challenges. Shyra to the rescue! She provided us daily updates and sent pictures of him so we could see he was happy and thriving. When we picked him up Shyra made sure we were properly trained to ensure Boomers success at home. So far we have a dog who listens and is pleasant to walk! And if he acts up we know how to encourage different behavior. We really appreciate all the help and can’t thank you enough!!


Liz went above and beyond. Our dog is now calm and controlled when he needs to be and our family is enjoying him so much more. Liz sent daily updates and was in touch throughout the 2 weeks which made it much easier. On pickup day she took so much time going over everything we needed to know and making sure we were comfortable giving the commands. Would give her 10 stars if we could! Beyond happy with the results.


Nebraska Dog Trainers exceeded all of our expectations!  We used the board and train option for our one and a half year old golden retriever, and he was completely transformed!  He is so much happier with his new manners.  He absolutely loved his trainer, Liz, and we had an amazing experience with her as well.  She kept us informed about his progress along the way and she made sure we were ready to bring him home.  The great customer service and professional approach, along with excellent training, made this worth the cost!  We highly recommend it!


We have two young rescue pit mix dogs that are sweet as can be… but when someone entered our home a flip would switch in Indra and she would go crazy. Nipping, jumping, barking, hyperventilating for hours straight with no calming down. She would lose control of her bladder and wouldn’t be able to start coming down until our guest left. It got to the point where no one would come over and our other pit mix, Echo, would start attacking her when guests came over. We had been through three trainers and Are expecting a baby this winter. We had invested thousands of dollars in just one year of training for Indra and it kept getting worse. Our third trainer referred us to Nebraksa Dog Trainers. Initially, I was against an e-collar but I was desperate to do anything to keep my dog in my home. I would do anything to help make her more comfortable. Akin and Toni started with a consultation. We have done 4 out of 5 of our private lessons and we have a completely different home life. The sweet Angel Indra is when it was just us is now the sweet girl that she shows everyone that walks into our home. She was able to free roam the house during our baby shower, surrounded by more people than she has ever been exposed to at once. Everyone was shocked at the difference in her and how incredibly loving and sweet she is. We now feel completely confident bringing a newborn into our home and having guests come and go. We are so grateful for all of their knowledge, guidance, and hard work!


Just picked up my Simby boy and WOW! Simba is a 9 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback and to say he's stubborn is an understatement. My biggest fear was him losing his sweet personality through the board and train program. I most needed help with on leash control and distractions.  I cannot believe the transformation. Akin was professional, informative and loved on my pup while he was in the board and train under his care for two weeks. Trusting a stranger with your puppy isn't easy and Akin kept me informed throughout the process, putting my mind at ease.  Simba isn't a robot by any means - his personality is still the same and he knows he can test his mom the most BUT he's attentive, responsive and I feel like he's at a place I never could have gotten him to on my own.  Thank you, Akin & team, for taking care of Simba and getting him here. I'm sure I'll be in touch with questions along the way. Now to break my bad habits & continue the training at home!